This website!

By: Sam Light
On: 20th February 2017

This website...

So at last, I have a website for Lightscale. Over the first year of doing business, I have attempted building a website for my company a few times. I tried out different ideas. Firstly I built a basic WordPress site. I then thought I'll try and build my own content management system out of Clojure and build the site as a single page app. I then looked into using a headless CMS called Contentful and again build a basic single page app with Clojurescript. After all of that, I have now gone full circle and built a basic WordPress site again! So the reason for this is complicated. I personally have a bit of a dislike for WordPress and being a software developer, I feel like I should build something from scratch, show off what I can do. At the end of the day though people don't see the code they just see the website, so what am I gaining from building a new content managed website from scratch? nothing! I am not a designer so the appearance of the site would be similar whatever way I make it. So what am I going to use this website for... I want to start using this site as a platform to start advertising my services as a company, show off my projects, and discuss ideas around technology. Right now I am constantly developing this site, trying to write more content and make it look prettier. Currently, there isn't much content and I have yet to talk about any projects. I will improve this as time goes on so please check back to see my work. In the mean time if you want to check out some of my OpenSource hobby projects, see my GitHub page here.

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