What Lightscale is...

Lightscale is a company formed by myself, Sam Light, to be a way to take on software development contracts. Currently, I work on my own, taking on bespoke software projects. I have worked on a variety of different projects including a large set of web application, mobile application, and small projects such as Wordpress plugins.

How Lightscale formed...

Lightscale was formed in Feb 2016. The company after a few turns in my life. I was made redundant in a previous development job, which I very much enjoyed. I then took a different path for a short while, working in an IT support company doing sales. After realising this wasn't for me I started looking to get back into some kind of software development. I was then approached by a connection from my previous job offering me the opportunity to work with him on a project. I snapped that up and this led me to creating Lightscale.


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